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Angela Stringfellow is a freelance writer, social media strategist and complete content marketing junkie obsessed with all things Web, written word and marketing.

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4 Reasons to Migrate to the Cloud in 2014 | Quickbooks

Thinking of migrating to the cloud in 2014? Many small-business owners are realizing the value of handling essential processes, such as storing data and maintaining the necessary hardware to do so, remotely. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) solutions may be just the ticket to help you ride the waves of...

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5 Productivity Apps for Small-Business Owners | Quickbooks

Small-business owners are always seeking ways to boost productivity. When you’re wearing multiple hats, juggling dozens of clients, managing a team, and more, there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done. These five mobile apps can make your workday more efficient, from streamlining your social media...

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6 Reasons Your Blog Stinks (and How to Fix It) | Quickbooks

Blogging can be an effective marketing strategy, but are you doing it right? Here are six common mistakes that small-business owners make with their blogs — and how to fix them. 1. Every post is a blatant advertisement. It’s fine to occasionally write about a fabulous new product or service...

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7 Tax Breaks for Small Business to Consider for 2013 | Quickbooks

It’s up to you to keep the appropriate records and take advantage of the available IRS income-tax deductions. There’s a fine line between cheating the system and not cheating yourself. Here’s a look at a few of the breaks available to small-business owners for the 2013 tax year. 1. Home-Office Deductions...

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8 Tips for Implementing BYOD | Quickbooks

Don’t have an in-house IT department? No problem. Your small business can still benefit from having employees bring their own devices to work. By joining the bring-your-own device — or BYOD — trend, you can boost productivity and save your business money. Meanwhile, you can mitigate the data-security risks by...

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Geofencing: Targeted Mobile Strategies for Small Business | Quickbooks

In marketing terms, geofencing is a method for targeting mobile users with advertisements. The GPS-based technology creates a virtual perimeter, or fence, around a specific business location and identifies users who are in proximity. Geofencing is particularly useful for promoting limited-time offers, because it sends the ads only to consumers who...

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Google Launches Google My Business, a Central Dashboard for Small Business | Quickbooks

Google has launched a new portal, Google My Business, designed to simplify and demystify Google visibility for small businesses. Google My Business provides a central hub for small, local businesses to manage their presence on Google Search, Google Maps and Google+ from a single dashboard. Getting on Google is Simpler...

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How to Apply Lean Startup Principles to Marketing | Quickbooks

Startups must maximize every dollar, especially when additional investor funding is contingent on early success. Here’s how to apply the Lean Startup principles to your marketing efforts. 1. Experiment, measure, repeat. The Lean Startup model emphasizes experimentation. Gina Rau, a marketing and brand strategist, says she follows a four-step process for applying the Lean...

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Why Google+ Should Be a Core Part of Your Marketing Strategy in 2014 | Quickbooks

Google made a lot of changes last year: The Hummingbird algorithm update landed. Personalized search results took shape. Keyword optimization shifted dramatically. And, as a result, Google+ gained importance in SEO rankings. If Google+ wasn’t a part of your marketing strategy in 2013, here are some compelling reasons to prioritize...

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Young Entrepreneurs: 4 Highly Successful CEOs Who Started Early | Quickbooks

Surely you’ve heard of Mark Zuckerberg, the über-successful entrepreneur who co-founded Facebook in early 2004 at the tender age of 19. Since then, increasing numbers of teenagers have started their own enterprises, perhaps as a result of the sluggish economy, says Jake Cain, founder of, a website that offers...