Angela Stringfellow

Angela Stringfellow

Angela Stringfellow is a freelance writer, social media strategist and complete content marketing junkie obsessed with all things Web, written word and marketing.

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The Coolest Tech People You’ve Never Heard Of | TMK's The Fridge

The Coolest Tech People You’ve Never Heard Of Cool new tech startups are popping up every day, many of them under the radar. Some tech entrepreneurs have been so successful that they’ve become...

Facing Social Media Ridicule | TMK's The Fridge

Facing Social Media Ridicule Damage control takes a whole new meaning in the Web 2.0 world, where communication across the globe is instantaneous and word-of-mouth means telling 10,000 network...

Social Media and Internet Activism | TMK's The Fridge

Social Media and Internet Activism Social media has restructured social activism by allowing thousands of supporters to collaborate, organize and spread their message entirely via social Websites....

SXSW: Should You Go? | TMK's The Fridge

SXSW: Should You Go? Should you attend SXSW? The short answer: Yes. For those who don’t know SXSW (said aloud as “south by southwest”) is the name for the three festivals that collectively take over...